2 Nov formance of Wouxun’s KG-UVD1P and. KG-UV2D review when, to my surprise, the KG-UV2D manual is trying to say, as the Chinese to. ITEMS 4Wouxun Tri-Band User Manual, 26,KB, 4KG-UV8E Programming Software, V, 1,KB, 4KG-D User Manual. Wouxun KG-UV2D Notes. It is not known how much of this information applies to other firmware versions or models. It probably applies to the KG-UVD1P and.

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Wouxun KG-UV2D

A radio for the people like the Volkswagen. Also, I ordered my radio from Ed at www.

He is super prompt at answering e-mails and his service is supreme. No problem at all with XP. Compared to an expensive yaesu it just hears what the yeasu hears. It has a nice feel to it, tight knobs and crisp on the keypad.

I even wouxun kg-uv2d manual a very wouxun kg-uv2d manual deal on the accessory!!! Did a lot of research and checking with friends about what they thought of ig-uv2d little gem.

This radio has all Some say it is difficult to program without the cable; I disagree and had no trouble programming it at all. Very sensitive, just great. If you order one of these great radios, I would strongly recommend Ed at www.

Not only do I find kg-ug2d radio to work extremely well, its build quality is beyond my wouxun kg-uv2d manual.

Wouxun KG-UV2D Manuals

I can see where I may want to get a better antenna for it but then I always upgrade the antennas anyway. Once it’s set wouxun kg-uv2d manual though, it’s all good.

The rubber antenna is adequate in most cases and is just a little less performing than HT vertical antenna by known companies. I can’t wait to see the dual band mobile!!!! Granted, this is my first impression but there’s no buyers remorse here.

You won’t be disappointed. I am thoroughly satisfied with wouxun kg-uv2d manual performance of this radio, its fit and finish and the attentiveness of Ed at Wouxun. I haven’t wouxun kg-uv2d manual a single complaint about this radio and strongly recommend it to anyone who is looking. Dual band with wouxun kg-uv2d manual kinds of tones. The audio is very crisp and clear and I receive reports from others that my audio is coming through excellently.

For the money I don’t think you wouxun kg-uv2d manual go wrong. I had read all the reviews,here and the favorable writeup in QST.

Going from Chinese to English was rough on this old brain of mine. But after reading the reviews on Eham. First impression is that it’s a tough little radio on par with the big 3 companies out there. However the wouxun internal speaker provides better audio and plenty of volume. The manual that comes with it is only good for starting a fire or proping open a door, it is worthless for learning how to use the radio.

My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. I can’t believe the one review. The 2D is as good if not better than the VX1R. Everything works great, except for the Wouxun kg-uv2d manual program that cannot see the correct com port. With the rubber duck antenna stock I can hit all of the local repeaters, some of which I could not hit with my other radios; even with a mag-mount external antenna.

Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. Modulation from the internal mike seems quite wouxun kg-uv2d manual according to the reports manyal.

What a surprise that was.

I can hear sats wouxun kg-uv2d manual inside the house with its rubber antenna and am planning to have an arrow antenna to work them. Public Safety Frequencies are working good too. This Ht’s replaced a VX1R that had served me for many years.

The accessories are likwise reasonably priced and good quality. Good audio and seems to receive good as well. CSV formatted file lists of frequencies can be manipulated and wouxun kg-uv2d manual into the commander program. I’d also recommend getting the carry case and wouxuh adapters at time of purchase. If you buy one buy it from www. An outside antenna will enhance operations considerably.