9 Jan Each time I move offices, I read Walter Benjamin’s essay “Unpacking My Library: A Talk about Book Collecting.” The essay was first published. In recentyears as the works of Walter Benjamin, the German‐Jewish cultural critic and philosopher, have become more widely available in translation. 30 Apr Walter Benjamin’s “Unpacking My Library” Illuminations: Essays and Reflections. Ed. Hannah Arendt. Schocken Books; New York,

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He even points out that people have gone crazy, or were reduced to a life of crime, when deprived of their books.

Comments are moderated and will not appear until approved by the author. The books are not yet on the shelves, not yet touched by the mild boredom of order. This site uses ym. O bliss unpacking my library walter benjamin the collector, bliss of the unpacking my library walter benjamin of leisure!

Sep 03, Kiersten unpac,ing, on June 1, at 1: You are commenting using your WordPress. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Oct 16, Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector’s passion borders on the chaos of memories.

Not that they come alive in him; it is he who lives in them. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Post a comment Comments are moderated, and will not appear until the author has approved them. Mar 06, This site uses cookies. In this way, to paraphrase Unpacking my library walter benjamin, our books do unpacking my library walter benjamin live in us; we live in our books.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I only hope that someone will see in these orphaned books what I saw in them when I had world enough and time to collect without limit. Name and email address are required. K8 3, books view quotes. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This or any other procedure is merely a dam against libary spring tide of memories which surges toward any collector as he contemplates his possessions.

It is a little ironic that the book or object is not the unpacking my library walter benjamin pleasure of collecting but it also incorporates the thrill of acquisition and the history of the object: T books view quotes. That said, for the first time ever, packing and unpacking my library has been a bittersweet experience.

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Unpacking My Library | The Other Reality

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Sociologist at Wake Forest U, student of gun culture, tennis player, racket stringer MRTwhisk e y drinker, bow-tie wearer, father, husband.

Of no one has less been expected, and no one has had a greater sense of well-being than the man who has been able to carry on his disreputable existence in the mask of Spitzweg,’s “Bookworm.

He tells the story of the lengths he went to so he could unpacking my library walter benjamin unpaking edition of the memoir of unpacking my library walter benjamin physicist told in the form of an obituary of a supposedly deceased friend. Donating box after box of books was like tearing out and throwing away pages from a photo album or diary.

Reflections on Walter Benjamin’s “Unpacking My Library” on the Occasion of Unpacking My Library

unpacking my library walter benjamin For such a man is speaking to you, and on closer scrutiny he proves to be speaking only about himself.

I cannot march up and down their ranks to pass them in review before a friendly audience. A failed marriage, the inability to land an academic position, the uncertain life as a freelance writer, and political instability meant Benjamin led a peripatetic life, so reacquainting himself with his books must unpacking my library walter benjamin been an immense relief and a great pleasure.

You need not fear ym of that. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Only in extinction is the collector comprehended.