Jan 22, The Paperback of the Super Memory – Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days by Harry Lorayne at Barnes & Noble. User Review – Flag as inappropriate. Harry Lorayne’s Super Memory claims to be able to “book your grades in 30 days” through new techniques and. When I first picked up Mr. Lorayne’s book “Super-Memory, Super-Student”, I had my doubts. I have a fair collection of harry lorayne’s memory books and have.

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Please try again later. Overall, I think that this was a really good book that I got a lot out of. Dr Aziz Narry PsyD. Super memory allows students to find useful and beneficial advice to help them prepare for tests in their own way.

Super Memory by Harry Lorayne is a book that contains various methods on how to memorize efficiently, easily, and quickly. It will be helpful to students from high school through graduate school.

Super Memory – Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days – Harry Lorayne – Google Books

The main theme of the book is memorization and using memory devices to remember things helps improve grades Harry Lorayne is an author and magician. The strategies provided in the book provide students with memorization tactics which is crucial to succeeding in Chemistry. Although it may work for some, I can not see myself using his method for learning vocabulary in other languages.

It took Harry Lorayne a while to get to the good super memory super student harry lorayne which made me impatient because all I wanted to know about what how to memorize anything faster.

The different chapters of the book are dedicated to how to memorize different things in different school subjects. One of those way it helped me was super memory super student harry lorayne for tests and quizzes.

This book review is mandatory for students in my high school Chemistry 1 course. Improving your memory is an essential memogy towards learning new material and becoming a successful student.

Harry wrote this book to help young men and women with their study habits and tricks for their academics.

These methods are very helpful not only in school, but also in life. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Using this book, he quickly improved his academic performance for memorizing lists of words. The Link System of Memory works because it allows people to associate ridiculous images with important terms that need to be memorized.

: Customer reviews: Super Memory – Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days

Harry uses his creativity to form unique sentences that correlate with him. He specializes in memory training, and uses a variety of memory devices such, as mnemonics, to super memory super student harry lorayne things. Chapters eight through ten chapters serve to help the reader remember various forms of vocabulary. For example, the number 1 represents the letters T and D, the number 2 represents the letter N, and so forth.

They are particularly useful for studying languages. Finally, Lorayne wants to get the point across that his methods are tools in the real world as well as in school.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Lorayne recommends that you see pictures in your mind that connect two of the words.

This is really helpful because I can now not only use Super Memory for chemistry but for all other subjects. The same could be said for the numerous methods of super memory super student harry lorayne creative imagery for thinking of of numbers and other languages. I think that if he went into more detail and was more simple with his strategies, they would be easier to grasp and they wouldn’t make things harder rather than easier.

Super memory–super student

Adult Learning and Development: The next technique is to use the letters for dates in history. The first chapter that stood out for me was Chapter 1: The main theme is it teaches good study habits.

Another method that he introduces is a way to remember different numbers and dates. This is a review assigned by my teacher.

New York City Posts. The author of this book, gives many good study skill techniques. His ”The Memory Book” has sold over two million copies, whilst in Chronicles: I’d like to have it on file. For example, can be TKKJ.