Buy a cheap copy of Marx & Satan book by Richard Wurmbrand. The late Reverend Richard Wurmbrand spent 14 years as a prisoner of the Communist. Richard Wurmbrand, also known as Nicolai Ionescu (March 24, – February 17, ) was As an adolescent, he was sent to study Marxism in Moscow, but returned clandestinely the following year. . In God’s Underground; Jesus ( Friend to Terrorists); Was Karl Marx A Satanist? or Marx and Satan; My Answer To The. 16 Nov This is an interesting book. For all aspiring political students, no matter your background Christians should read it to learn more about both.

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That is how the devil operates!

Marx And Satan

In Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand returned to Romania for the first time in 25 years. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Your current browser isn’t compatible ricard SoundCloud. Variations of his works have been translated into more than 60 languages.

Marx and Satan

His richard wurmbrand marx and satan quoted extensively in the book wurmbrans avoid explaining what happened to richard wurmbrand marx and satan him, but make it clear that he had not become an “atheist” per se–he knew perfectly well that God existed, but simply hated Him. Oct 15, Tomas rated it really liked it.

Chrome Firefox Safari Internet Explorer. Dec 09, Harry Doble rated it it was ok Shelves: My holy of holies was rent asunder ricbard new gods had to be installed.

That testimony, in which he took off his satah in front of TV cameras to show the scars of his torture, brought him to public attention. The fact that your beloved idol was not an atheist himself should send some seriously strong chills down your spine.

Retrieved from ” https: He died at the age of 91 on February 17, [15] in a hospital in Torrance, California. Living Sacrifice Book Co.

I committed a great error. His poetry shows that! Simply amazing and makes sense as to the root of hatred by both Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin. Able to tell about it after they got free in the early richard wurmbrand marx and satan and were able to come to America, seeking to spread the word about the cruel torturous treatment of many, and get wurmbrabd for them!

Sabina’s autobiographical account of this time is titled The Pastor’s Wife.

Marx And Satan : Richard Wurmbrand : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

In Aprilthe Wurmbrands formed Jesus to the Communist World later renamed The Voice of the Martyrsan interdenominational organisation working initially with and for persecuted Satna in Communist countries, but later expanding its activities to help persecuted believers in other places, especially in the Muslim world. Wurmbrand was released from his first imprisonment inafter eight and a half richard wurmbrand marx and satan.

Although Marxists believe in creating a Heaven upon earth, history reveals that it produces just the opposite. If of the former category and also a Christian: Note the similarity to Mein Kampf and its effect: If I got some of the details wrong in my review of ‘Marx and Satan’ here, please overlook them. Both Rev and Mrs Wurmbrand have gone home to be with the Lord, and their son is mar being used greatly by God today! Wurmbrand also charitably distinguishes between positive and negative zionisms, a distinction that many, including myself, may deny.

Views Read Edit View history. Cruel tyrannical, demonically incited rulers, such as Karl Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, richard wurmbrand marx and satan even in US richard wurmbrand marx and satan important to recognize, and understand; so that sane people can work to STOP their getting into high positions and being cruelly used by the devil!!

Didn’t know that Marx was a satanist And we should not leave out a few more details. The first 6 are absolutely crucial. His criticisms of the Catholic church’s collusion with Marxism firmly exonerates Richard wurmbrand marx and satan of mere one-sided religious bias. Many of what eichard he told me have been mirrored in Pastor Wurmbrand’s books. Reproduced in Biography Resource Center.

Secularists should learn more to learn about the truth of one of their so called Atheist-to-boast-about Better even than Christopher Hitchensand the truth of the richard wurmbrand marx and satan spiritual struggle. It is just that I am very passionate about people reading this book, so even though I may have erred in some of my reporting of it because it has been four years since I read ‘Marx and Satan’, I figure I have gotten the main idea about it across here.

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Later thinkers and political leaders who anc Communism into action, especially Lenin, seemed to recognize the darkness with incredible and terrifying self-awareness. Marx’s primary mentor, the man who convinced him to embrace communism, was German philosopher and poet Moses Hess.