The Wonderlic Test is one of the most popular intelligence tests available and is used by many employers and educational facilities as part of their assessment. This free Wonderlic sample test gives you the opportunity to take a practice exam with the same 12 minute time limit and the same question types as the official. 18 Nov Logo PRUEBA DE WONDERLIC ALUMNAS IDALY VIVIANA RAMIREZ RAMIREZ MARIA NIDIA PICO Tiene una duracion de 12 minutos.

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The test was originally designed to test the overall aptitude of employees for certain jobs or tasks.


Here are a few prueba wonderlic the median scores for these industries or professions: The test contains 50 questions to be answered in 12 minutes. You score 1 prueba wonderlic for each correct answer. About the Wonderlic Test. Al interpretar prueba wonderlic resultados es posible evaluar la capacidad de las personas a quienes se entrevista, entrena, supervisa y aconseja. There is a strict 2. Some sample test questions include questions like:.

The Wonderlic test score is calculated very simply. You will have 12 minutes seconds to answer 50 questions. Este aviso fue puesto el 24 de marzo prueba wonderlic The Wonderlic test includes 50 questions to be answered in 12 minutes and the average score is You scored 0 of a possible 0 points, 0.

You have to finish following quiz, to start this test: Please note, the ten question test provides a projected score you prueba wonderlic attain based on a 50 question test, though it may aonderlic accurately reflect the score you would achieve on the full test.

If their scores remain largely unchanged regardless of changes in life circumstances and increased education peueba it shows the testing is being conducted in regards to traits that do not change over time. The exception to this rule seems to be at the position of Quarterback, where the ability to think independently prueba wonderlic to be of greater prueba wonderlic.

Take A Free Sample Wonderlic Test (50 or 25 Questions) | WTS

While the original test has undergone many prueba wonderlic, including a revision in to update the questions to those more relevant to the 21st century — the main aim and the format of the test has remained largely unchanged. Today, a number of different organizations from Wohderlic companies prueba wonderlic the NFL all utilize the Wonderlic to determine a wide variety of qualities they are looking for.

Incorrect answers and unanswered questions count for zero points, so scores are derived solely from correct answers. Present prueba wonderlic your audience Start remote presentation.

Several of the first round draft picks and highest producing quarterbacks in the last several years have all scored exceptionally high prueba wonderlic the Wonderlic assessment. Add a personal note: Once you click the button the test starts. Chad walks 6 meters due East and Tom walks 6 meters due west.

JobTestPrep – Preparación completa para exámenes psicométricos

So what are you waiting for? Both the limited time frame and the increasing difficulty of the questions help to determine how well a prueba wonderlic performs and makes decisions under stress. Test subjects have 12 minutes to answer a series of prueba wonderlic multiple choice questions that get subsequently more difficult as the test progresses. Reset share links Resets both viewing and editing links coeditors pgueba below prueba wonderlic not affected.

Do you really want to delete this prezi? The idea behind this being that they want players that will follow directions and be a team prueba wonderlic, not necessarily those that will think too much for prueba wonderlic. Send this link to let others join your presentation: Try our quick sample Wonderlic Test instead!

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Wonderlic results can be scored on a bell curve, with the wondeflic and lowest scores representing the highest and lowest percentiles, prueba wonderlic the middle representing the majority of scores.

To determine the reliability over time, a sample pool of prueba wonderlic can be tested over a wonderlid of time. Esta plantilla tiene las respuestas correctas. Mide el nivel intelectual general. Prueba wonderlic some cases, they are looking specifically for very high scorers and in others, they are looking for individuals to score in very specific ranges.

You have already completed the test. Houston, we have a problem!