Page 39 Settings which affect all communications with a host. The Platen Roller may be dirty or worn; The Configuration Label content can vary with the application version and model of the printer. Tighten the Locking Screws. Isopropyl alcohol Cotton swabs A clean, lint-free cloth

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The possible causes include: If you have questions, or if problems persist, contact a qualified service technician or a Technical Support Representative. All applicable taxes Provincial and Federal and shipping and handling charges will appear on your invoice. Page more than one language may be selected by pressing the letter above the column.

Printhead Replacement Locating pins bowees the need for an alignment following the installation pitney bowes j693 printer a new printhead. Resetting The Printer 4.


The printer has reset automatically and is now displaying the new firmware version. Required Update Procedure for Application Version 2.

Diagnostics Displays bowe sensor ADC low and high values. Route the ribbon under the Ribbon Roller then out the front of the printer. Fault And Warning Messages 6.

Page 56 if any for each situation. Open the Access Cover, rotate the Printhead Latch forward and raise the printhead. Ensure that an unmarked label area without -OR- pre-printing is in the Media Sensor.

Pitney Bowes J693 Manuals

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Add to Shopping List To add an item to the shopping list, click the name of the shopping list that you want to add.

Print Control Specifies an additional amount to advance the label after printing. Replacement Thermal Transfer Ribbons.

Pitney Bowes recommends that the Img2dl. Both sensor readings must be above Page 39 Settings which affect all communications with a host.

Pitney Bowes Printer J User Guide |

Lower the Printhead Assembly and lock the Printhead Latch. Page 64 Tighten the Locking Screws.

During printfr label printing, this key can also perform as a pitney bowes j693 printer key the printer will prompt for confirmation before cancellation occurs. Die Cut Thermal Transfer Labels 4 in. The Pitney Bowes Tax Department requires that a valid tax certificate be on file with the tax department prior to changing the exemption status.

Controls Parallel Port A communications settings. Not resettable by the user.

Pull outward on the Roller Bracket and allow it to swing down. Isopropyl alcohol Cotton swabs A clean, pithey cloth Observe the Front Panel, if the READY pitney bowes j693 printer does not flash as you send the format check the protocol and port settings between the printer and host.

Pitney Bowes J693 Printer User Manual

Press the abort this procedure. Page 94 Bar Code C: A Level 2 reset is required to change these values. Feed several labels to normalize tracking.