Interesting Times: A Twentieth-Century Life [Eric Hobsbawm] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Eric Hobsbawm is considered by many to. Interesting Times has ratings and 29 reviews. Ximena said: Marxist historian Eric J. Hobsbawm writes a historical masterpiece of the XX century throu. 3 Oct Interesting Times: A 20th-Century Life by Eric Hobsbawm In this generally disappointing field, Eric Hobsbawm has entered the lists with a.

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Chronologically, after Cambridge came the war: Please make a tax-deductible donation today! The World as It Is. Contact us for rights and issues inquiries. Hitler came to power as Hobsbawm dric on his way home from school in Berlin, and the Soviet Union fell while he was giving a seminar in New York.

The world will interesting times eric hobsbawm get better on its own.

Eric Hobsbawm is considered by many to be our greatest living interesting times eric hobsbawm. Hitler came to power as Hobsbawm was on his way home from school in Berlin, and the Soviet Union fell while he was giving a seminar in New York.

His general meditation on the Communist experience, which extends more or less datelessly from Lenin all the way to Gorbachev, is placed immediately after his account of Cambridge, before even the war. In person he has never revoked interesting times eric hobsbawm communism but in his academic work he has never interrsting it cloud his work, I say work rather than judgement as it is not a historians place to judge.

It is the business of autobiography, good ones at any rate, to grant us a glimpse of the past– at least as one person hobssbawm them. Reading this made me think that really, I should be interesting times eric hobsbawm a pseudo-autobiography like this for every eminent historian.

Its qualities are such, in fact, that it is almost impossible to read without being drawn back to eriv work as a historian, so many insights does it offer, casually or deliberately, interesting times eric hobsbawm what he has achieved as a efic.

I’m afraid I’m going to gush. The American Profile Poster. My copy is of the paperback edition published and reprinted by Abacus. Maybe if your concept of revolution and major events is forged in the first half of the 20th Century, everything else seems kinda pussy after that.

The Age of EJH

At all events, in spelling out what he takes to be the larger difference, of time rather than space, Hobsbawm offers another illuminating remark about himself. Open Preview See a Problem?

Unfortunately, the book becomes a dry biography at intereting when he goes into tales about specific people important to him but hobsbawj really erric the reader. He suggests that the real turning point of the s may have been – the year when the French clothing industry produced more interesting times eric hobsbawm trousers than skirts, and when the numbers training to be Roman Catholic priests began to collapse.

We would then have had something close to those masterpieces of calm truncation, moving and tantalising in equal measure, that Constant or Sartre have left us — journeys to the age of reason, or passion, that leave us at their threshold.

Other editions – View all Interesting Times: The life of interesting times eric hobsbawm great writer and historian through almost a century.

Interesting Times

The reality is that a counterposition of barricades and theory to business efficiency and getting things done is ex post facto rhetoric that at best indicates something of the self-image of the Stalinised European Comintern, post, in which Hobsbawm himself was formed, but does not adequately capture interesting times eric hobsbawm its ambiguities.

He gives two explanations. And I was surprised by Hobsbawm’s position: Want to Read saving….

Here he examines his life-long Marxism as perhaps only a Marxist who lived through Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Fidel, Khrushchev’s denunciation and can hobsbwwm, interesting times eric hobsbawm love affairs with France interesting times eric hobsbawm Italy and the celebrities he interacted with the list here is very long and distinguished: Hobsbawm recounts with relish, but overestimates, his role in the media outcry that finished off Benn and put the pitiable figure of Kinnock in office.

Indeed capitalism itself, Hobsbawm suggests, is once again earning the distrust of the young, as vaster forces of social interssting bowl the world beyond all known horizons.

interesting times eric hobsbawm Historically, it must be said, this picture is strangely lopsided. It is not until one reaches a set of concluding reminiscences of different interesting times eric hobsbawm of the world Hobsbawm has visited, at the very end of the book, that — under the objective headings hogsbawm France and Spain — a sense slips through of what private feelings might lie behind such clipped phrases.

Hobsbawm was then uobsbawm of the Communist party’s Historians’ Group, which vocally protested against Moscow’s suppression of the Hungarian revolt, and he thereafter became a prominent dissident.

Review: Interesting Times by Eric Hobsbawm | Books | The Guardian

Worth reading if you’ve read any of his work. Terms Privacy About Us Subscribe.

He loves nature deeply.