Mapping one’s VIII. List of Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams Index of Entries General Index Bibliography. Islamic dream book of ibn Sirin. Dream about Gripes · Dream about Measles · Dream about Kuksh Dream about Crumb · Dream about Immovability. 31 Jan Abu Bakr al-Bassari, or Mohammed bin Sirin, known as Ibn Sirin, was one of the pioneers of the science of the interpretation of dreams in Islam.

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Ibn Sirin: Islamic Dream Interpretation: Here: “Seeing ‘river’ in your dream

Thereafter, the chain of Khilafat will reamin in the family of Ibn sirin dream interpretation Marwan. His father was owned by Anas bin Malik who took him after the battle of Ain al-Tamar, which occurred in 12 AH, between the army of Khalid ibn al-Walid and the armies of ibn sirin dream interpretation Sassanian and the Persians west of the city of Anbar, and where Khalid conquered the area in the days of the succession of Abu Bakr Siddiq.

He belonged to the tabighins, formed by the kufit school. A river with murky and putrid waters in a dream represents hell-fire. Crossing a River — Crossing a river or stream suggests relief from grief, sorrow and fear.

Meaning of dreams in Islam – Firdaous

Text size A A A. Incident – Piercing eggs from the top and Extracting the White Dream Explanation — Finally, after taking a promise from Ibn Sirinthe man confessed that he interprehation the person who saw that dream. This page was last edited on 26 Julyat Then I was walking through my house to get ibn sirin dream interpretation my room and everything was too dark to see but I heard snoring and new ibn sirin dream interpretation family was sleeping in the dark room.

Ibn Sirin always dyed his hair with henna which was his distinctive mark.

So they put him in jail. Hafsa told me that she had mentioned it to the Prophet and he said, “‘Abdullah is a righteous man if he only prays more at night. Nonetheless, some scholars are of the view that most if not all of the works related to Ibn Sirin might be apocryphalor even misattributed to him completely.

Maximum words allowed. If one sees himself carrying a booka record, or a letter in his right hand in a dream, and if ibn sirin dream interpretation had an argument, or a confusing deal, or doubt about something, it means that he will bring clarity to that problem. I woke up scared. Will conquer a country or overrun a bastion and be highly ibn sirin dream interpretation.

The story of Ibn Sirin, the famous dream interpreter

The man immediately asked for forgiveness, repented inteprretation his doing, and promised never to do it again. Strike with you foot. I used to sleep in ibn sirin dream interpretation mosque.

I dreamt that a woman said I should show her the transliteration of the 1st surah of the holy quran starting from front, instead of starting from behind. In addition, he was fascinated with sciences and scientists.

The story of Ibn Sirin, the famous dream interpreter – Al Arabiya English

I said to myself, “If there were any good in myself, I too would see what these people see. I was a young unmarried man during the lifetime of the Prophet Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam.

Holy Book Dream Explanation — The Holy Book in a ibn sirin dream interpretation also represents gardens, heavens, places of worship, or a person one is commanded to obey, such as a ruler, or dreeam father, a mother, one’s teacher, or sheikh, or it could mean making a true oath, receiving glad tidings, admonition or a warning. If one sends a sealed letter to someone, which is returned to him unopened in the ibn sirin dream interpretation, it means losing a war to one’s enemy.

Jumping from the middle of a river to the riverbank in a dream means escaping from the wrath of a ruler. The children of the dreamer will have the upper hand in a dispute with him.

If a book or a letter is carried by a child in a dream, it means obn tidings. If one sees a ruler ibn sirin dream interpretation a governor handwriting a copy of the Holy Book in a dream, it means that he is a just person who uses the divine laws in making his decision.

Bathing in the River intsrpretation Bathing in the river or sea and not experiencing any fear, panic or humiliation suggest deliverance from afflictions: In the hand of each of them, there was a mace of iron, ibn sirin dream interpretation both of them were taking me to Hell, and I was between them, invoking Allah, “O Allah! How are we doing?

Various Islamic Scholars Swimming — If one sees himself drowning in a riveror a ibn sirin dream interpretation, then if he is carried by others and laid on dry land motionless like a fish in a dream, this also means trials and adversities. Send to a friend Close.

Pluning into the River — If a person dreams of himself as plunging ibn sirin dream interpretation entering into a river and thereby panicking or experiencing phobia it means he will soon be afflicted with grief and sorrow. He used to directly interpret the dreams of people in the markets and councils. Ibn Sirin Drinking Unclean Water from the River — If a person sees himself drinking dirty or muddy water from a river it means he will suffer grief, anguish and heartache, the ibn sirin dream interpretation depending on the amount he drinks of such water.

I narrated this dream to my sister Hafsa and she told it to the Prophet who said, to Hafsa”Indeed, your brother is a righteous man,” or, “Indeed, ‘Abdullah is a righteous man.

Allah’s Apostle would interpret them as Allah wished. If a judge sees himself handwriting a copy of the Holy Book in a dream, it means that he does not share his ibn sirin dream interpretation, and that he is audacious about his rank and status. Drinking from the Euphrates river in a dream also means being a pious, content and a religious person.

To walk on water, whether it ibn sirin dream interpretation an ocean or a river in a dream also denotes good spiritual standing, religious assiduousness and strong faith, certitude and determination.