Six Weeks Training Report of Dlw – Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf) In the Varanasi Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) place around hectares. .. I choose Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) for summer vocational training. SUMMER TRAINING REPORT ON MAINTENCE SERVICE SHOP bank 8 Chapter History of DLW 1 The Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) in Varanasi, India . 29 May LFSlocomotive frame shop. The following slides deals with what I have learnt during My training in these workshop. DLW VARANASI 9.

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These are as follows- 1. Part surrounded by charcoal treated with activating chemical — then heated to austenite temperature. The following slides deals dlw varanasi summer training report what I have learnt during My training in these workshop.

Equipment is vaeanasi expensive and complex than for SMAW. Horizontal milling and boring machine. Z-narrow gauge 2 ft 6 in 4. An electric arc between the workpiece and electrode generate heat.

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Critical welds are tested radio-graphically. Process Anneal — not heated as high as full anneal. CNC horizontal machining centre. For assembly of turbojet following parts are manufactured in rotor shop.

WordPress Embed Customize Embed. Desire hardness only in select area. Due to that coating it can easily resist the heat. Dlw varanasi summer training report wire is more expensive. Flux is more flexible than others. Fixtures are used to ensure proper fitting of components and quality welding in subsequent stages. If already cold worked – allows recrystallization.

Requires the highest skill. LAB These all work in coordination in the overall fabrication of engine and then finally locomotive. There is a minimal amount of smoke, fumes, and sparks created by the TIG process. Both are determined by material thickness.

The finished weld requires little, if any, grinding or preparation before it can be painted. Heat material into the asutenite region i. After completion of welding the cylinder block is then stress relieved at the temp. From that rotation sucking of fresh air from environment is occurring. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. Want to be close to transformation temperature to get fine grain structure. As the engine block in machined to dlw varanasi summer training report close tolerances.

Object to big to heat in furnace!

The TIG dlw varanasi summer training report can be adapted for welding in the horizontal, vertical, and overhead positions as well as the flat position. It can be estimated how much electrical energy is used in HWS.

The voltage range from 20 to 30 volts, ac or dc. M-mixed; both goods and passenger 4. That air is now entered in intermediate casing and blow from blower casing. More controlled versus flame hardening and induction hardening. Basically in this section manufacturing of assembly and subassembly of turbocharger is being made.

As, a part of academic syllabus of four year degree course in Mechanical Engineering, every student is required to undergo a practical training. Direct Hardening – Selective Hardening Same requirements as austenitizing: A dlw varanasi summer training report w bulbs draw. Turbocharger is used for providing fresh air to the locomotive.

Because of the increased time needed to complete welds on thick metal, the TIG process is used most often on thinner metals. Stress Relief Anneal — lower temp 1,Fslow cooled. Argon is used as shielding gas.

Depending on how fast steel must be quenched from IT diagramthe heat treater will determine type of quenching required: High Horse Power HHP under frame is fabricated using heavy fixturespositioners to ensure down hand welding. Can be used in all environments.

Turbocharger is known as the heart dlw varanasi summer training report diesel locomotive. But the outer casing is made in heavy machine shop. The TIG process will deposit less filler metal per pass than of the other processes. Carbon content reporr low to through harden with previous processes. Following types of welding are performed here: Limit to how much steel can be cold worked before it becomes too brittle.