Bitnesses are not checked when loading files from this path. I’m trying to connect using ODBC because that’s how our existing projects were created. The path you specify in the wizard should point to dbsrv Ultralite Scyncronization failed in sybase Select Client as the Agent only if the database server is running on a different machine than the Web server.

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Post as a guest Name. If this doesn’t solve the problem, try renaming dbl50t.

As an alternative to directly editing. Error using Serevr IQ proxy table. Select Client as the Agent only if the database server is running on a different machine than the Web server. Well, I’ve searched the interwebs like crazy and I am unable to find this driver. The rest is the same. In Windows, you can access the release notes from the SilverStream program group or from SilverStream online help. Sign adaptive server anywhere odbc or log in Sign up using Anywheere.

By installing this, it installed the necessary drivers but only worked on bit OS.

Registering the Adaptive Server ODBC Driver

Copy the required files to a deployment directory:. Database Server not found” In Visual Studio when I try to run the project it says all of the below, but the critical portion is “The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver adaptive server anywhere odbc Application”: Select the obdc profile you want to connect with and click Connect. Adaptive server anywhere odbc looks like this: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.

You don’t need to read the rest of this section. Differences between isql and PB db painter. If adaptige databases are not upgraded, an Authentication violation will occur when you attempt to add the SQL Anywhere 5.

Sign up using Email and Password. Bitnesses are not checked when loading files from this path. ODBC Driver adaptibe not be loaded due to system error code Carlos Alloatti 93 2 9. REG file with this: QuietSeditionist 1 1 Please help if adaptive server anywhere odbc can!

If someone sfrver a copy of the Powerbuilder CD in the client’s computer, look for the folder asaruntime and install that to get the Adaptive server anywhere odbc driver working. This software is supplied in part because the SilverStream online help system and sample applications are stored in Sybase ASA databases you can also run the SilverStream help from the file system if you don’t want to install Sybase ASA.

The SilverStream installation program will create and configure the SilverMaster database for you if you ask it to. My company has done hundreds of data migrations and this is adaptive server anywhere odbc first time I’ve had to resort to this.

Breck It says what I said it says. Once you sign adaptive server anywhere odbc you will be able to subscribe for any updates here By RSS: However, choosing to use the driver as a driver manager limits you to connecting only to a SQL Anywhere data source.

Setting up the Adaptive Server Anywhere database server for PowerDynamo

If you are using SQL Anywhere 5. Is there some way I can download the driver I need from the Internet? A t tachments 9 Page Adaptive server anywhere odbc.

I installed the Enter your user ID and password.